Can Automation Still Treat People Like People?

As technological automation continues down the path of process standardization and routinization, managers are wondering: Is it possible to answer the C-suite’s call to do more with less while accommodating the needs of an engaged workforce? This report explores that question.

Let’s face facts: The modern lifestyle no longer exists without some level of technological
automation attempting to routinize the way we get from point A to point B. From engaging our
healthcare providers to trying to gamify the machines that hire us, we all face some layer of
“standardization” that often leaves us feeling like we have lost complete control over how we get
through our day-to-day tasks. To make matters worse, privatization of the management process
without the development or implementation of procedural standards has resulted in a corporate
competition for the best solution methodology to every task imaginable. Today, employees, managers,
and HR face a very organic solution ecosystem comprised of so many different strategic directions
that protocols at one company are completely foreign to another.