How Today’s Investments Shape Tomorrow’s Field Service Landscape

A multitude of emerging technologies are changing the landscape of service management. Many of these technologies – once considered luxuries – will become necessities over the next five years. This report explores how today’s investments by the Best-in-Class influence tomorrow’s service landscape. Most importantly, the report will explain how you can prepare your firm right now.

Field Service professionals have started to build a dense web of technologies to support clients and improve efficiency. These have often been iterative and disconnected quick fixes, leading to a clump of proprietary technologies with limited integration. Best-in-Class firms now understand that success in service is defined by creating a concise strategy for technology investment. Of course, simply throwing money at new technologies is not a recipe for success. However, as shown in Figure 1, technology spend in service continues to grow. Moreover, the fact 85% of Best-in-Class organizations are increasing (or maintaining) current levels of spend, shows that investment is not a futile task when leveraged appropriately.

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