Quality Management: Digital Transformation Accelerates the Best-in-Class Edge

As digital transformation revolutionizes manufacturing, it’s reinventing quality management. Data-driven quality management and predictive quality analytics change the equation; Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies improve operational efficiency while inspiring new viewpoints, attitudes, and methods.

Based on Aberdeen’s Quality Management benchmarking study, this report explores how Best-in-Class organizations are embracing quality management fundamentals (culture, attitudes) during digital transformation to capitalize on the performance boost. These companies are better positioned to respond to the competitive pressures to enhance quality from transformative QMS — starting with improved traceability, processes, and supplier quality.

Quality management is the act of overseeing everything necessary to maintain a desired level of excellence. These activities include defining a quality policy, creating and implementing a quality plan (with assurances), maintaining quality control, and initializing quality improvements. In general, quality management focuses on long-term goals while implementing short-term initiatives.

When it comes to the pursuit of quality amid digital transformation, Best-in-Class manufacturers surpass All Others significantly. This marked difference starts with superior culture and attitudes toward quality management, and it continues with the implementation of 4IR technologies that accelerate data-driven, automated quality management.