Customer Analytics: Connect Data to Insight to Results

Customer experience (CX) leaders never had more data than they have now. In fact, findings from Aberdeen’s February 2018 Customer Experience Executive’s Agenda 2018: How to Satisfy the Empowered Customer study shows that 51% businesses use at least eight channels (e.g., web, email, and social media) to interact with customers. Companies capture a treasure trove of data in structured and unstructured forms (see sidebar). For some, this wealth of data means unprecedented challenges. For others, it spells opportunity. One of the questions Aberdeen asked participants of the February CX study was how satisfied they are in the ability to use customer data to deliver truly data-driven conversations that are personalized and consistent across all channels. Data shows that only 17% of firms are satisfied with the ability to deliver truly data-driven customer interactions. In other words, almost eight out of ten businesses admit struggling in managing customer data. The study then asked the 164 global organizations the top reasons why they struggle in using customer data.

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