Voice of the Customer: the Modern Way to Minimize Customer Effort & Exceed Buyer Expectations

What’s the true measure of a business meeting or exceeding customer expectations? It’s the direct and indirect validation customers provide to businesses through their feedback and behavior. Direct validation is observed through voice of the customer (VoC) surveys, which includes online surveys, customer-generated social media content such as Tweets or Facebook posts, customer comments made on phone calls, and responses to email surveys. Indirect validation is observed through customer loyalty, changes in spending habits, and other customer actions, such as repeat patronage.

Between December 2018 and January 2019, Aberdeen surveyed 369 businesses to capture insights on modern customer experience (CX) programs. Findings from this research show that 83% of companies have a formal program in place to capture VoC data through the direct and indirect approaches noted above. Considering such high adoption of VoC programs, we can say that having a VoC program has become necessary to succeed in CX. But if having a VoC program has become a requirement, how can Best-in-Class firms (explained within the sidebar on next page) differentiate themselves from peers without a top-notch VoC program? Research shows there are four sets of capabilities used to accomplish this goal.

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