DevOps and Agile Best Practices for iPaaS and Managed Services

IT organizations replacing their on-premises middleware solutions via iPaaS (integration platform as a service) or cloud-based managed services will see considerable benefits, but there are also some risks. Proactive engagement around DevOps and agility will help eliminate these risks. A hybrid approach of having both on-premises middleware and iPaaS should be viewed as a transitional phase to an integration infrastructure overhaul.

Moving from an on-premise middleware solution to a cloud-based one has significant benefits for organizations, but there are a few disadvantages organizations need to plan for. Aberdeen’s research on middleware solutions indicates IT companies need to think about their development practices and staffing when considering a move between the two implementation options to ensure they make the right decision and understand the other changes they need to make to be effective. They can also mitigate some of the risks by moving to the Cloud through a managed service. Likewise, hybrid implementations help mitigate some risks, but they can also present challenges.

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