B2B Technology Landscape: Evolving with the Times to Meet Market Demands

This report examines the evolving B2B technology landscape necessary to support digital transformation, converging business models, and the non-stop demands of eCommerce requirements, due to increasing customer demands for service and support. The ever-evolving convergence of B2B with B2C business models, along with digital transformation and increased eCommerce demands, has affected the ways that traditional B2B companies operate their businesses.

Virtually all B2B enterprises now have direct-to-customer shipments in support of their retail and distribution customers, which has shifted volume away from bulk to more costly parcel shipments. In addition, managing unit shipments in conjunction with traditional bulk shipments has increased labor costs and warehouse complexity, increasing costs structurally as a result. Digital transformation (DX) is happening, and to ignore it is to fall behind in terms of speed and efficiency. The pace of business has increased with demands for real-time responses and visibility upstream to all levels in the supply chain, as well as the downstream ability to adjust fulfillment and shipments on the fly.

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